Granite Hardwoods


Furniture Manufacturer

At Granite Hardwoods Inc, we provide our customers with superior furniture manufacturing services among a multitude of additional quality services. Our furniture specialists have acquired decades of experience and provide exclusive and unmatched craftsmanship. We utilize the finest grade of materials paired with our unrivaled talent and exquisite attention to detail. With any job, all materials and products are always delivered on time, with no exceptions. You are always our number one priority and will always be treated as so!

Cabinet Manufacturer

We are the leading provider of prodigious cabinet manufacturing services. Whether you are in search of custom kitchen cabinets that are both unique and durable, or some simple wood grain cabinets to enhance the ambiance of your mudroom or guest bathroom, Granite Hardwoods is the company for you! At Granite Hardwoods, you never have to question the quality or consistency of our products or services because we always get it right!

Kiln Dried Appalachian Hardwood Lumber

We believe strongly that finer services are produced through the quality of our products and materials along with the dedication and commitment of our specialists. We use what we know works and that is kiln-dried Appalachian hardwood lumber! Its beauty is matched equally with durability and provides you with an array of assortments to choose from including red oak, poplar, cherry, hard maple, soft maple, hickory, ash, grey elm, and so many more.

“When it comes to quality services, consistency, loyalty, dependability, and affordability are key. Our customers and community deserve nothing short of the best, and that’s what we will give them.”

Granite Hardwoods

Why Choose Granite Hardwoods


At Granite Hardwoods, we are a family-owned business that is not only committed but dedicated to providing our customers and community with unsurpassable lumber services. We have accumulated over 30 years of experience in the business and have gained immense quantities of skill, craftsmanship, workmanship, and tricks that can only be learned through the decades of hard-earned experience that our company has completed. We are proud and exhilarated to share it with you!

Our company was built upon three major principles that we strongly believe in, the production of consistently high-quality products, prompt and punctual delivery of products, and affordability without ever sacrificing quality. These three fundamental principles are the foundation and integrity of our company and allow us to be the company that we are today. At Granite Hardwoods, we offer our customers and our communities a multitude of exclusive lumber services at astonishingly affordable prices. Some of the lumber services that we offer include furniture manufacturing services, cabinet manufacturing services, Kiln Dried Appalachian Hardwood Lumber including red oak, poplar, cherry, hard maple, soft maple, hickory, ash, grey elm, and more, width-sorted lumber, length-sorted lumber, lumber surfacing, delivery, bundles, and more! With every service, we guarantee prompt material delivery, quality and durable products and materials, and superior service.

"Choosing the right tools for the job, is second only to choosing the right people for the job!"

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